We are B Corp Certified!

At Advance Traders, we're thrilled to share that we are now a certified B Corporation. This significant milestone aligns with our core values and underscores our commitment to conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We believe that every decision we make should contribute positively to our community and planet, and this certification reaffirms that commitment.

Becoming a B Corp is a testament to our ongoing efforts in sustainability, ethical practices, and community engagement. It formalizes our dedication to creating a positive impact on society and the environment, which has always been central to our business philosophy. We understand that our actions have far-reaching effects, and we are committed to ensuring that those effects are beneficial for our employees, customers, suppliers, and the world around us.

This certification serves as a reflection of our values and our unwavering commitment to creating a better world through our business and the bicycling industry. We are proud to join a global movement of companies using business as a force for good. At Advance Traders, we believe that by leading with purpose and integrity, we can make a meaningful difference in the world around us.

Workers: New policies and procedures implemented for our people.

Environment: Riding to Work saved 5.2 tonnes worth of carbon emissions in FY23 from ATA.

Customers: $55.4k donated through Earning to Give in FY23.

Community: Donated bikes for school/kindergarten events & charity raffle, shoes + helmet for Movember fundraiser.

Governance: Reporting in place for a large number of our carbon emissions sources including electricity use.

Warehouse: Warehouse has plastic and cardboard recycling in place.

Roadmap for the Future

Key projects for the next 3 years will be identified by determining how we can make the biggest impact.

Integrating B Corp into our every day including our decisions, processes and partnerships with brands and partners.

Carbon Neutral 2030 - Pedal Group is currently determining it's full emissions inventory including our supply chain, and working towards a goal of being Carbon Neutral by 2030

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